Main Volunteer Centers of Ukraine

Where to find or aid Ukraine in war conditions

Main Volunteer Centers of Ukraine

Tatiana Yermolenko

17.03.2022 | 08:57



During the two weeks of the war, the West and center of Ukraine turned into a continuous and largest volunteer center in the world, continuously receiving temporarily displaced people from hot spots, buying military ammunition abroad, sorting humanitarian aid, preparing food for the military and territorial defense, and doing many other useful things. It is quite difficult to list all the volunteer initiatives available in Ukraine – help centers are being opened in every city, every district, every village and small village has joined a single volunteer network.

Lviv initiative group created a website, where you can find help offers or post requests for help. All volunteer initiatives are grouped by category and relate to all regions of the country and abroad.

The goal of the resource is to facilitate logistics and help people find each other. The developers claim that all the information posted on the site can be trusted, since moderators carefully monitor it and check phone numbers.

The main page of the site contains two sections:

  1. suggestions for help.
  2. request for help.

Before developing the resource, the group monitored and checked all valid initiatives in Lviv. What you can find on the site:

  • medical care.
  • food;
  • clothing;
  • psychological assistance;
  • passenger and cargo transportation;
  • warehouses with different types of goods;
  • translators;
  • information about military needs and so on.

In addition to the fact that everyone can find the necessary volunteer initiative, there is also an opportunity to add their own. To do this, fill out the appropriate form on the site. You can also establish contact with a team of volunteer web resource developers via the feedback form.

How do I ask for or provide help?

Select the appropriate section. If you need help, go to the "request for help" section and click "Add request". Next, fill out the form and enter the necessary information. If you can help the army or civilians, then you need to select the "help Offers «section. The completed questionnaire is received by moderators, checked, and contacted by the applicant for verification. If the information corresponds to reality, then it is published on the resource.

A separate volunteer initiative can be recognized as the activity of the Login Casino Work website, which even in military conditions does not stop helping Ukrainian citizens find work both within the country and abroad. Thus, Ukrainians can get the necessary financial resources for them and their families and help the Ukrainian army.

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