Key Errors During Delegation

The inability to delegate authority leads to the manager working overtime, and subordinates are afraid to take the initiative.

Key Errors During Delegation

Oksana Korotich

03.11.2021 | 07:11



How to avoid mistakes during delegation, effectively distribute tasks, and set adequate deadlines, explains the job search site Login Casino Work.

A manager who works seven days a week is constantly stressed, immersed in work, irritable and angry, which is unsurprising because he took on the lion's share of all the work on the project. Author of numerous publications and motivational speaker, American entrepreneur Stephen R. Covey believes that the best indicator of effective management is the ability to set tasks for subordinates. 

If leadership is overloaded with solving current tasks, there are primary reasons for this – errors during the delegation of authority. Studying this topic allowed us to identify five main management mistakes – traps that managers most often fall into.

"If You Want to Do a Good Job – Do It Yourself."

It is a common mistake of a manager to assume that only he can find the best solution to all the tasks. As a result, it turns out that a person is inundated with minor problems that could be safely passed on to subordinates, and she can deal with more global issues. Irritation and fatigue accumulate. 

Ultimately, you can burn out and lose your job or business. What should I do? Distribute tasks among subordinates according to their functional responsibilities, skills, and abilities. In the meantime, build your development strategy and control your business processes.

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Forcing Employees to Perform Tasks Strictly According to the Instructions

In the process of working on a project, various tasks arise. Some require execution according to a strictly defined algorithm, and any deviation will lead to fatal errors. However, most jobs do not require such thorough performance; only the result is essential. If a manager controls every step of his subordinates, he risks ruining all manifestations of initiative from his employees. Therefore, give your employees a chance to prove themselves and solve problems with their methods. Perhaps the result will exceed your expectations.

Lack of a clearly defined task

Vague requirements also negatively affect the task completion and too detailed technical specifications. All parties to the process should clearly understand what should happen. If it is difficult to find words to explain to your subordinates what you want from them, try visualizing the task using a marker and a blackboard.

Lack of Individual Responsibility

When responsibility for work is assigned to a group of people, we can assume that there are no responsible people. Instead, ensure that a specific employee is accountable for each process and work area.

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Lack of Clear Deadlines for Processes

Each stage of work should have clear start and end dates. If you set your subordinates the task "until the end of the month" or "tomorrow," you may not expect the result at all or not when it is needed. Therefore, the deadlines must be clear and realistic. Otherwise, you will get an unsatisfactory result.

These are vital mistakes when delegating authority. Every manager can allow them. However, it is essential to stop in time, reevaluate the situation and try to correct it. It doesn't matter where you have to work in Kyiv or Zhytomyr, Ukraine, or abroad. People are the same everywhere, and it depends only on the manager whether he will be able to grow a team that will effectively cope with projects without minute-by-minute control from the management. In addition, trust in subordinates has a positive effect on the psychological state of the manager himself.

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