English language course drawing from Speak Up

Speak Up is an international network of English language schools that includes dozens of schools in Ukraine and around the world. The company has been working in the education market for over 20 years.

English language course drawing from Speak Up

Oksana Korotich

20.10.2022 | 10:01



Together with our partners, we offer 1 specialized English mini-course, to choose from:

  • Business English;
  • Preparation for the interview;
  • Pronunciation secrets;
  • For tourists;
  • 100 words for 5 lessons;
  • Grammar basics;
  • 5 important topics of your level;
  • Immersion in an English-speaking environment;
  • Easy Start.


The terms of the competition you just have to be:

* The profile on YouTube and Instagram must be real and open!

* The participants, who didn’t fulfill of the conditions of the competition, won’t be taken into account.

The course drawing will be held live on Instagram LC Work on October 27 after 13:00.

The winner will be contacted on Instagram immediately.

Good luck and go ahead to new knowledge!

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