Difficulties and features of relocation during the war

In the second edition of the WorkAnutye podcast, the HR manager of a marketing agency Vitalia Bondar revealed the up-to-date topic of motivating and supporting teams in wartime.

Difficulties and features of relocation during the war

Valentyn Ihnatiev

22.06.2022 | 01:56



She dwelled in detail on the issues of the forced relocation of teams and adaptation to new realities. The specialist focused on the difference between a forced relocation and a conscious choice of a country for relocation.

“When we were offered relocation, we were under occupation. The question of saving life was taken very seriously.”

Vitalia herself had to flee from the war, so she knows firsthand how moving abroad takes place under martial law and how work processes are built in the new conditions.

The main topics of the interview with Vitalia were:

  • Difficulties of employees in relocation due to the war.
  • Employer's obligation to cover the employee's expenses for relocation.
  • The reaction of employees and psychological problems when moving to another country.
  • Peculiarities of adaptation of employees relocated due to the war.
  • The most significant motivation for employees who moved because of the war, compared with the motivation in peacetime.

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