Are work and alcohol compatible - a new podcast on the LC Work platform

A new podcast in the WorkAnuti video series has been released on the YouTube channel of the LC Work platform for job search and recruitment.

Are work and alcohol compatible - a new podcast on the LC Work platform

Oksana Korotich

26.07.2022 | 08:54



This time, the hosts brought up a hot topic and tried to find out whether companies should allow their employees to drink alcohol in the workplace. The full podcast is now available for listening.

The topic of the permissibility of alcohol in the workplace is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance. There are companies that allow employees to drink alcohol even during working hours, and there are employers who are categorically against it.

“Prohibiting alcohol in the office after work is a conservative approach.”

During the conversation, the presenters managed to find out:

  • how alcohol helps create a relaxed atmosphere at corporate parties or after hours;
  • is team building really more effective if employees are allowed to drink alcohol;
  • whether it is worth forbidding employees to drink alcohol in the company's office even after the end of the working day and why some employers adhere to the strictest policy in this matter;
  • do some IT companies really allow to drink alcohol during work hours;
  • how alcohol helps to unite the team;
  • what is lost by a company that completely prohibits employees from drinking alcohol at work, even after hours.

“This can work in IT because, in IT companies, employees are more likely to experience burnout. Therefore, IT companies are focused on delaying this process. This will happen to everyone sooner or later, and delaying this process is the maximum task. Therefore, if drinking alcohol during work or after its completion will allow you to work more efficiently, this is allowed.”

The full recording of the podcast is already available for listening on the YouTube channel of the LC Work platform:

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