About Volunteering, Career, and Gender Position in the Gamzix Company - Commercial Director Lida Kosogova

Lida Kosogova, Commercial Director of Gamzix, a game development studio, shared her thoughts and experience with LC Work for online casino.

About Volunteering, Career, and Gender Position in the Gamzix Company - Commercial Director Lida Kosogova

Oksana Korotich

02.09.2022 | 10:29



Tell us how Gamzix continued to work after February 24th. Did you have to completely stop the work of the Ukrainian office?

The Gamzix team, like most Ukrainians, will always remember February 24th. Together with the leadership, we immediately decided to leave Kyiv because we did not know how events would develop further. First of all, it was important for us that all our colleagues were safe.

An interesting fact: on February 24, we were scheduled to move to a new office! Spoiler: we didn't move! Of course, this did not happen, and the work of the Ukrainian office had to be stopped, but since we can perform most of the work processes remotely, Gamzix employees continued to work and did not want to stop, so as not to panic or become depressed.

Did Gamzix help its employees in a forced relocation to the West or abroad? Or was there no such need?

For 2.5 years of the company's work, there was always a team in the first city, so without a doubt, on the morning of February 24, we went to the west of Ukraine with everyone who wanted to find temporary shelter for Gamzix employees and their families there. Moreover, we have opened over 10 vacancies in the company for our acquaintances, who lost their jobs due to the war. Until now, there are members of the Gamzix team who are abroad, we support them in every possible way and provide everything necessary for comfortable and efficient work.

Has Gamzix returned to full-fledged work in Ukraine at the moment?

Yes, the company is fully operational, and we have made a more flexible work schedule for our employees. In Kyiv, there is already an opportunity to work in a new office and enjoy the views of the city, despite the rather difficult times for all Ukrainians.

We know that you are actively volunteering. Tell us more about what kind of volunteer projects you are involved in.

I am a volunteer at the 280 Days Charitable Foundation, which works to reduce the number of pregnancy complications in Ukraine. I see my task in helping other women not get into trouble during pregnancy and after the birth of a child. I do my best and share my knowledge. I hope that my open position on the issue of obstetric violence and medical negligence can prevent accidents and help other families.

We partner with parents-to-be, doctors, industry, business, and government to ensure the best pregnancy outcomes for women and a healthy baby. Could there be anything more important than the health of expectant mothers and their babies? The answer is obvious, so I continue to volunteer and help those who really need it, especially in wartime.

Also, with the advent of the beautiful cat Khrushch in my life, I began to worry about the fate of cats, who usually cannot help themselves - they most of all need the help of people. With the outbreak of the war, many pets got lost or their owners went abroad and were forced to leave their pets. Since many people now want to reconnect with their animals, I am actively involved in helping with their transportation and actively supporting and looking for additional help options through social networks. I also actively help animal welfare funds and shelters with donations. I can't be left out.

I believe that the war in Ukraine proves to the whole world that even the smallest amount of help - a donation in the amount of one hryvnia or a repost on social networks - can save a life. Therefore, I urge everyone to volunteer and support those in need of help!

How long ago did you start volunteering?

Several years ago, after a personal tragedy in my family, I experienced the desire and strength to actively help others. I believe that in many cases tragedy can be prevented. And I'm ready to fight for it!

How do you manage to combine work in a high leadership position with volunteer activities? After all, both take a lot of time and resources.

Yes, according to you, it takes a lot of time and resources. But if you want to both work and volunteer, then you need to sacrifice, first of all, your free time. When you see the results of your work and help, it is much more valuable than watching a series in your free time, for example. For me, the perfect combo is time planning thanks to time management, I have time not only to work effectively but also to volunteer and have some rest.

What helps you not to burn out in the face of excessive pressure and responsibility? Have you experienced burnout periods?

Probably, only robots do not burn out :) To stay afloat, be efficient, and happy, the following life hacks help me:

  • switch to another activity: always dilute the routine and diversify life;
  • keep an active rhythm every day;
  • make breaks during the day: stroke and hug the cat;
  • ask for advice or help if I need it;
  • be distracted at least sometimes by positive moments, meet friends, and do not forget about other things that can cheer you up.

But we are all living people, sometimes you can cry and burn out!

Have you encountered gender bias in your professional career? After all, a woman in a managerial position, and even in the gaming field, is a rather rare and valuable phenomenon.

Gender bias often becomes an obstacle to desired work and professional development, especially when it comes to women. I can't remember a case where I was in such a situation but I am sure that until now gender bias is still very common both in areas with a balanced gender composition and where women are in the majority.

Since there are so many examples of women in management positions in various fields, in my opinion, fewer people are looking down on or prejudiced against women leaders. Women have long proved they can work as well as men in any position and field. The main thing is desire, motivation, diligence, perseverance, and goals.

Do you think there is a problem of gender inequality in the professional sphere in Ukraine now? What about the distribution of leadership positions, the level of wages, or any other aspects?

I believe that in Ukraine there is a great desire to get rid of gender inequality regarding the distribution of leadership positions, and the level of wages. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go to achieve full equality between men and women in terms of their rights and opportunities. For example, when we recruit at Gamzix, the main and decisive indicators are the desires, experience, and personal and professional qualities of the candidate, and not his gender. I really hope that in many companies there are no gender biases either.

What is the gender ratio of employees in your company? Are there more men or women on the Gamzix team?

Gamzix currently employs 36 professionals, including 16 women and 20 men. It should be noted that three women and two men occupy leadership positions in the team. Gamzix is ​​a young and progressive brand, which is why we do not select colleagues or appoint managers by gender. In making decisions for positions, we are guided exclusively by people's professional and personal qualities.

What qualities do you think become decisive when it comes to building a successful career specifically for women?

If there were a secret women's handbag that helps owners achieve career heights, then in addition to traditional women's accessories, it would contain a reasonable and cold mind, creativity, flexibility, and discipline. Career-oriented women try to be better than their male counterparts in everything. But at the same time, not only great flexibility and creativity are manifested, but also discipline, and the ability to structure tasks. In my opinion, we live in a time when the ability to quickly change the course taken is one of the conditions for the successful survival of a business in the market. The key skills are the need to constantly learn, and make innovative decisions. And it is precisely these qualities that are to a greater extent in the “handbag” of women.

What advice would you give to modern Ukrainian women who, due to the war, are forced to close several important social tasks at once: work, volunteering, helping others, and, of course, family ones?

I wish all Ukrainian women patience, optimism, and harmony. We are strong and free, we will succeed. Set goals, use time management, work, volunteer, and enjoy life in its various manifestations.

What are your career and volunteer goals?

I love my job and Gamzix. Together we grow, develop, achieve results, and improve. I want to continue to combine work, volunteering, and personal life. I love this frantic pace and hectic life.

I believe in women, so we will succeed, and we will become even more successful and happier.

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