About Half of Ukrainians Lost Their Jobs Because of the War

The war between the Russian Federation with Ukraine has hit all spheres of our state, including the labor market. As a result, many of our citizens have faced a reduction in wages or even dismissal.

About Half of Ukrainians Lost Their Jobs Because of the War

Tatiana Yermolenko

20.05.2022 | 08:52



The LC Work team surveyed social networks and found out that almost half of the citizens of Ukraine lost their jobs.


So, to the question "Did you face dismissal or reduction at work during martial law in Ukraine?", 242 respondents answered as follows:

Yes, I was fired


Yes, I was dismissed


Quit on my own


No, it's okay


Some companies are forced to either reduce their staff or close down altogether because there is no budget. 

In addition, legislation is constantly changing against the background of the war, which is an additional stress for all participants in the labor market.

Not Everyone Can Find a New Job

However, staff reduction is not the only problem of the labor market. Ukrainians who have lost their jobs are forced to look for new ones, which turns out to be another quest.

Thus, 307 respondents answered, "Is it more difficult to find a new job or projects in Ukraine now?" Most citizens admitted that finding a job has become a more difficult task:

Yes, it has become more difficult


No, it's even easier


There is still no difference


Therefore, most of our compatriots continue to search. Of the 186 respondents, more than 50% indicated that they still have not found a new workplace:

Are you currently working, or are you on a search?

I have a job


Looking for a new job


I am engaged in volunteering


Many people have joined the stock exchange for this; someone monitors job search sites, social networks, and other sources.

LCWork is also involved in the fight against the problem of unemployment and offers job seekers assistance in finding a job.

How LCWork Helps with Work

We help our fellow citizens get through difficult times and close the employment and income issues. LCWork is a specialized resource for finding a job in the gambling business.

Here you can:

● Post a vacancy and resume.

● Find out current offers on the labor market.

● Find an employee or attractive vacancies.

Of course, we are all living through a crisis period. However, any difficulties can be overcome, including finding a job. LCWork will help you find a way out.


We don't doubt our victory and regularly send 20% of the funds from the purchase of advertising to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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