9 Qualities That Will Help You Get a Promotion

Recognition of merit and professional qualities is no less important for a person than a high salary. But, of course, some people are much more comfortable working in one place all the time and "keeping a low profile."

9 качеств, которые помогут получить повышение

Tatiana Yermolenko

18.01.2022 | 11:41



Nevertheless, almost every good specialist strives to build a successful career. However, not everyone can get a promotion. The Login Casino Work job search site knows why this happens and what qualities you need to be noticed.

Check out the list below, and evaluate how much you possess each quality. Perhaps some of them need to be worked out to attract management's attention.

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  1. Ambition is a trait that makes a person set additional goals and achieve them. We are talking about performing tasks that are not your direct responsibilities. For example, if it seems that performing some task will help you cope with the project faster, and you want to participate in the implementation.  
  2. Ability to work in a team. To get career growth at work in our time, you need to be a team player. Even at the interview stage, the employer's representative checks the applicant's ability to interact effectively with colleagues. Today, almost all the work on the implementation of projects is carried out by teams. Even the most excellent professionals cannot cover a large amount of work. The timeliness of the tasks is ensured by fruitful and transparent cooperation between specialists.
  3. Readiness for change. Changes are stressful, but they are often necessary and allow you to achieve better results. The world around us is changing; we should calmly respond to the need to adapt to new conditions. If management wants you to notify you as a progressive specialist, calmly react to changes and help colleagues by showing them the positive aspects of reforms.  
  4. Active interaction with other departments of the company. It's not enough to be a team player; you need to be able to cooperate fruitfully with other departments. If colleagues from another department come to you for help, you should provide them with all possible services while not abandoning current tasks. It is better to go to an agreement when you can take the necessary time to solve the relevant issue with another employee.  
  5. The ability to keep your word. To count on a promotion, it is necessary to adhere to the word you have given strictly, to bring every business started to the end. Therefore, before you promise anything or take up any business, think about whether you have enough resources to fulfill it. If you can't do something, tell me honestly about it, but don't refuse just because of unwillingness.
  6. Caring and involvement in the common cause. Never rejoice in the mistakes of colleagues. If you see another employee making a mistake, tell me about it, and help with advice or business. It is known that criticism from equals is perceived easier than from management. However, this should be done as tactfully as possible so as not to offend a colleague but to help find the right solution to the task assigned to them.  
  7. Productivity. Try to do more than you should. Do not be afraid that this will be taken for granted; if it happens, think about whether it is worth continuing to work in this company. Maybe it's better to demonstrate your skills to get a promotion elsewhere?  
  8. Common sense and strategic thinking. When making a decision, think about it from all sides - how rational it is, what results it will achieve, and how to act if something goes wrong. 
  9. The ability to admit mistakes and draw conclusions. The one who does nothing is not mistaken. If something does not work out, you should not write a letter of resignation or engage in self-flagellation. Or, on the contrary, aggressively prove your case and not admit an obvious mistake. Analyze the situation, understand the reasons for the defeat and think about what to do next to achieve a positive result.

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Of course, you should not immediately rush to develop all the listed qualities of an employee to get a promotion. Choose the most feasible ones for yourself. Then you can gradually proceed to the rest. You will see that your life will begin to change for the better because all these qualities are essential in work and your personal life.

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