3 Types of Leaders Nobody Likes

By and large, a leader is not a person who should be loved by subordinates.

3 типа руководителей, которых никто не любит

Tatiana Yermolenko

10.01.2022 | 03:42



However, fruitful relationships in the team are built on mutual respect, which is part of them. A team led by a wise leader can achieve a lot. It happens that relationships develop poorly due to some features of the leader's character. In this article, the job search site Login Casino Work tells what kind of managers their subordinates dislike. What to do if you belong to one of these types is up to you. Psychologists and HR managers of well-known companies recommend reconsidering their behavior, and working on the development of leadership qualities.

  • "Winner in Life" recognizes only personal achievement. A leader does not care that 30 people worked on the project, the leader appropriates all the laurels. After all, it was he or she who assembled the team, set tasks, controlled their implementation, created conditions for work, and inspired subordinates. It was the boss who thought through every nuance, every little thing, which subsequently led to success. This type of leader ignores the role of other people and devalues ​​the work of subordinates. This is a losing tactic of behavior since not all specialists work only for money. Recognition and praise from management are also important. Therefore, it is unlikely that good specialists will work for a long time with a boss who is not able to share success with his subordinates. So you can lose valuable personnel, without which it will be much more difficult to win in the future.
  • "I'm the boss, you're a fool." The position of a leader implies that a person has the more professional knowledge, experience, and outstanding abilities. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the behavior of the leader should demonstrate his exclusive superiority over his subordinates. It is impossible to know everything, for sure among the subordinates there will be people who are exceptional specialists in some narrow focus. You cannot devalue them, otherwise, you risk losing them. A good boss listens to the opinion of employees, accumulates the knowledge of subordinates, and directs them to achieve a common goal. It is easy and pleasant to work in submission to such a wise boss.
  • “I am not a coward, but I am afraid” - such a leader avoids taking responsibility, always hiding behind his subordinates. A leader looks for every opportunity to hide behind the backs of employees, and always finds someone to blame if something goes wrong. He or she never makes risky decisions, they are afraid of initiatives, and changes, as they are afraid of the consequences. Under such leadership, it is very difficult to develop and take the initiative.

Did you recognize yourself or your boss in one of the described types? If you are such a leader, then it is necessary to take actions aimed at changing this state of affairs. Otherwise, you risk losing valuable employees.


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